Middle East expert Kate Tietzen returns to discuss recent developments in the Middle East with special attention to the situations in Iran and Iraq. Mark and Kate review the historical backgrounds of the countries of that region, the power struggles by various ethnic, political and religious factions as well as the influence and involvement of world powers. We also get a first-hand perspective of the attitudes that everyday people have toward Americans.

Previous Podcasts on the Middle East with Kate Tietzen

Mark first interviewed Tietzen for his podcast, “Iraq: Ancient Country, Modern Conflicts,” when they discussed the conflicts, sometime resolutions and the evolution of the country. Her in-country research delves into the many facets of the Iraqi people, the religious factions and the nation’s friends, foes and allies.

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On the “Cold War In The Middle East” podcast, Kate covered the turmoil in the Middle East during the difficult years following WWII to the final days of the USSR. Cold War studies often focus on events in Europe. However, the Cold War quietly and sometimes loudly raged in the Middle East. Numerous political, religious and ethnic factions struggled for power while the U.S. and the Soviet Union maneuvered to exert influence and control in the region—whether behind the scenes or overtly.

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About Kate Tietzen

Kate Tietzen is a PhD candidate in Military History at Kanas State University. Her dissertation explores the Iraqi-Soviet relationship in the Cold War, analyzing this dynamic through the Iraqi point of view by using Ba’athist regime documents housed in the United States. She seeks to demonstrate the complexity of the Cold War in the Middle East, and to draw out the legacies of this relationship in the post-Cold War era.