Month: October 2017

Patton Part II: Post WWII

Historian Kevin Hymel returns for a discussion of General George S. Patton’s post-war governance in Germany and the actual story of his fatal accident and death. The is Part II of a two-part episode.

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General George S. Patton: Early Years and WWII

Kevin Hymel, writer and Patton historian, joins Mark to discuss one of America’s greatest generals. They cover General George S. Patton’s background, his early years, and his career leading up to and into WWII.

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Civil War New Orleans: Prelude to Conflict

Mark takes a comparative look at developments leading up to the Civil War and the importance of the city of New Orleans to the Confederacy. Civil War New Orleans: Prelude to Conflict A comparative look at the economic differences between the Confederate states and those of the Union shows a staggering disparity. SEE COMPARATIVE CHART…

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